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Building Water Features

From Ceramo Flower Pots

Humans are driven to water, and on a very primal level, we all enjoy the sound of it gently bubbling in a stream or basin. Because of this, fountains are one of the easiest ways to elevate a landscaping project or patioscape into something extraordinary.


Water features can be easily crafted from a wide variety of flower pots, vases and planters, usually needing just a few simple tools and readily available parts to do so. While we don't distribute a full range of wholesale fountain supplies, we do offer pumps (which come packed with basic hoses and clamps) and in-ground basins. Other parts are easily located at most hardware stores & garden centers.


While we do carry a range of complete fountain kits and self-contained tabletop fountains, we find that many of our customers prefer to design totally unique fountains, adapting a wide range of pots and jugs into focal points for their gardens.


We have included several how-to videos from Youtube below, which show a small portion of the spectrum of water feature possibilities found in pottery. Please note that some of the pots shown in some of the videos aren't ours, but the concepts remain the same, and we're confident that our planters will be a perfect choice for whatever sort fountain project you decide to pursue.


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