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Spring Fever Powder Coat Pallet Assortment

Item #
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2024 - Pages 94-97

Assorted Display Pallet with 288 Pots and Saucers in eight bright colors and three sizes: 4.5” - 6.5” - 8.5 with a 4-shelf wooden display.


It’s been a crazy couple of years since we introduced our Spring Fever collection, as these bright colors have absolutely taken the garden center world by storm. The pallet assortment shown here has become our top-selling display, and has consistently blown us away with re-stocking orders. This collection is a sure-fire hit for just about any retail environment.

The pots and saucers are assorted in 8 glossy colors:
Red / Orange / Yellow / Bright Green / Robin’s Egg Blue / Violet / Raspberry Pink / White 

Pallet Breakdown:

ItemDescriptionPallet Pack
PCS-4-XX4" Standard Pot8 colors x 8/case (64 total)
PCS-6-XX6" Standard Pot8 colors x 5/case (40 total)
PCS-8-XX8" Standard Pot8 colors x 5/case (40 total)
PCSA-4-XXSaucer for 4" Standard Pot8 colors x 8/case (64 total)
PCSA-6-XXSaucer for 6" Standard Pot8 colors x 5/case (40 total)
PCSA-8-XXSaucer for 8" Standard Pot8 colors x 5/case (40 total)

  • These pots and saucers are crafted from high-fired terra cotta. 
  • All pots and saucers are coated inside and out with richly-colored, durable, waterproof powder coat. 
  • All pots have drainage holes 
  • Packed on an eye-catching, durable wooden 4-shelf display pallet 
  • All pots and saucers have UPC stickers attached
  • This assortment is pre-packed on a custom-built wooden display rack. If you don't require the display rack, or if you would like to order backstock,  all of the items included in this assortment are available on an open-stock basis.

Item # GSP-PC-210
Country of Origin Germany
Catalog Location 2024 - Pages 94-97
UPC Codes See "Pallet Assortments" Tab


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