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Dark Basalt Clay

Powder Coated Cover Pots

Designed for “drop-in” gardening, our waterproof powder coated planters are a great way to capture new gardeners as they join the houseplant craze.

Glazed Chinese Pottery

Powder Coated Standard Pots

What’s better than a classic clay flower pot? How about our most popular sizes of classic clay flower pots in a trendy collection of 25 powder coated colors?

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Standard Pots

These are the classic planters that you visualize when you hear the words "flower pot". We offer hundreds of variations on this timeless shape.

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Wooden Pot Stands

Thai Planters

Malaysian Flower Pots

Pots for Houseplants

Granite Clay

These contemporary pots are crafted from a trendy off-white clay body which features subtle marbled highlights running through the clay. These pots are a perfect counterpart to our top-selling Dark Basalt clay, and will be a highlight of any well-stocked garden center for seasons to come.

Terra Cotta Planters

Serious plant collectors have embraced traditional red clay as their flower pot material of choice. Check out our spectrum of on-trend options to move your pottery department beyond the basics!
Photo courtesy of Schaeffitzel’s Greenhouse – Springfield, MO

Orchid Pots

People love orchids, and orchids love special treatment – especially purpose-designed flower pots with holes in the sides to enhance air circulation around their roots.

Flower Pots

Concrete Flower Pots & Planters

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