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Unit Price Calculator

Most of our Asian flower pots are distributed in nested sets. We ask the factories to pack the planters in this way because doing so offers the most efficient use of space during shipping, which helps us to keep your costs low.

We strongly recommend that you break apart these sets and sell each pot at retail as individual items rather than as a complete set.

To help you set retail prices for the individual pots, we have included a tool below which will calculate your approximate wholesale cost for each size pot within a set. Please keep in mind that these formulas are guidelines - feel free to adjust each price to levels that  your market will support.

To use the form, simply enter the number of pieces in the set of pots, and the price of the set of pots and then hit your "tab" key. If you would prefer to download an excel version of this tool, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Unit Price Calculator

Enter the price of a set of pots below to see an approximate breakdown of what each individual pot costs. Use your "Tab" button to enter the data and see the individual pot prices.