The Malaysian pottery tradition is defined by the practice of etching  designs through glazes into the bodies of pots. Over time, this technique has evolved from simple geometric scratches into precise decorations and designs, often made into complex layered glazes and engobes.


Over the past 20 years, our primary Malaysian manufacturing partner has invested heavily in upgrading their traditional equipment, resulting in flower pots and saucers of extraordinary durability, quality, and  a consistent finish.

While some Malaysian pottery has had a reputation for low-quality production and shoddy QC standards, Ceramo has partnered with the most respected flower pot producer in the country to manufacture our Malaysian collection.


Our partner is the only manufacturer in Malaysia to mill and pug their clay before production, and their planters are fired to an extraordinarily high temperature in precise computer-controlled kilns. These extra steps result in extraordinary pots that are capable of withstanding year-round outdoor use in any climate.


We have been working with this particular factory for almost two decades, and have every confidence in their ability to produce pots to the highest standard.

  • Our Malaysian planters and saucers are all crafted from an extraordinarily high-fired stoneware clay, and are among the most durable glazed planters sold anywhere.
  • All glazes are  engineered to match the specific clay blend used in these pots - this results in glazes that don't crack when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • These pots are freeze-proof, and are safe for year-round outdoor use in all climates when used properly.